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Loramendi Inc. is the non exclusive agent for Lüber Equipment for the USA and Canada. 


Gassing Generators


We can offer the proper unit for each gas hardening core production process with:


Cold Box- Amine


Betaset/ Nova Cure- Methyl format


Processes with CO2 hardening such as:


SO2 processes


Universal gassing units


Laboratory gassing units


Centralized Amine Distribution Systems

These Systems, feed the liquid catalyst  directly to the individual gassing units through a closed pipeline system, either by gravity or via a pumping system.  (Shown is a dual pumping system).

A lot of time can be saved as frequent changing of the 10 l one-way canisters is not necessary. In addition, purchase and disposal costs for the one-way canisters are eliminated 

The system is designed with safety in mind. Every request cycle the feed line is automatically checked for leaks. 

Loramendi Inc. is providing technical service and is stocking parts for Lüber Gas Generators and Central Amine Distribution Systems at the Fenton Facility.


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