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Loramendi has applied its unmatched engineering resources in Core Making to Vertical Molding. The result: an extremely robust and precise flask less vertical molding machine which introduces a number of improvements.
The Loramatic molding machines is capable of squeezing the molds equally from both sides, obtaining optimum mold compaction. The front and rear cylinder strokes can be different since the motions are controls independent. This feature allows to center the mold under the blow slot, a feature especially useful for reducing wear on the pattern plates.

The weight and shock loads from the pattern and support frames are no longer transmitted just via the guide shafts. The weight is now also supported by a separate guiding arrangement. This additional support lengthens the life of the bushings. Shorter axial guides have been fitted and the main hydraulic group has been relocated to leave free space for a support and rolling system for the crosspiece, contributing to easier and cheaper maintenance. The shock absorber mounted to stop the core mask when assembling cores into the mould is automatically adjusted according to pattern parameters and core mask thickness. Thus, no operator input or adjustments will be necessary when changing patterns.

The venting surface in the mould chamber has been increased to improve overall mold compaction. The machine is fitted with a laser scanner, which detects loose material on the mould base plate prior to closing. When alerted, the system signals the operator to take corrective action, or can signal to the pouring unit to avoid pouring and thus preventing run outs. When changing patterns, the correct machine and mould parameters are automatically uploaded to the molding machine thanks to a pattern or job identification system included in the machine.

The Mold Transport System has undergone a great change. Its main body is free of any mechanism, minimizing the time required for inspection. The side mounting of the mechanism protects them against spill iron. Some parts are now made of Titanium, improving the service life due to its better wear properties. The parts can independently be replaced, without having to replace the complete mechanism. The side clamps in the pouring area are improving the dimensional tolerance of the castings. These clamps do not distort the alignment of the mold string and are heated to avoid sand sticking.

Loramatic also incorporates new main hydraulics. Thanks to independent cylinders, movements can be overlapped and shorter cycle times can be obtained resulting in higher production. Movements are now smoother with the redesigned wedge cam, which is facing down avoiding sand accumulation on it, producing uniform stress on the rods during the cycle.


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