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As the World leader in core making technology, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions. Loramendi's equipment is running in all the major foundries, with proven outstanding performance. We can supply TURNKEY INSTALLATIONS for the automatic production of core packages using the patented Key Core interlocking systems or automatic gluing systems as well as individual machines for single core production.

 New SLC core making machine
The latest model of Loramendi's core making machines for horizontal and vertical parted tooling. Now, a new generation has been developed by improving our own design. The new SLC sets the highest standards with astonishingly short cycle times and optimized corebox and production changes. It produces cores of superior quality thanks to its Advanced Blow System, minimizing lost sand during blow plate change and increasing tooling life. This is a truly user friendly core machine, robust and flexible, with continuous clamping and no core box movement during the entire blow and cure cycle. No pit required for machine installation.

As with the previous models, no special foundations, pits or operator platforms are required. Cores are unloaded at a convenient height for the operator, facilitating easy core handling. PLC controlled, it incorporates integrated blow plate and blow head cleaning systems and built-in exhaust connections to capture residual gases directly from the core box.

 Advanced Blow System
Loramendi's ADVANCED BLOW SYSTEM provides highest quality, finless cores with constant dimensions. It enhances core density and therefore less resin is needed. Lower blow pressure results in reduced air consumption and less tooling wear. This extends the core box life.
Lower blow pressure and reduced resin content result in cleaner tooling and the core box can remain in production longer. With less cleaning intervals, production uptime rises. Another advantage of the lower blow pressure is the reduction of vents needed in the tooling, reducing tooling cost and maintenance.
This blow system does not fluidize the sand. The machine is equipped with a photocell to precisely control the sand level in the blow magazine as required by the correspondent core weight. This ensures constant quality sand with optimum bench life.
 The SHA core making machine
The all-time classic for horizontally parted tooling. Several versions have been supplied: the SHAC, with core removal by hand or manipulator, the SHAR with belt conveyor for core removal from the upper half of the core box, the SHAR with core picker fork, and the SHA (G) with tilting bottom half core box, which ejects cores onto a tray. As with the SLC range, continuous clamping guarantees optimum quality core. The machine is controlled by a PLC, which allows running the machine in Automatic, Semiautomatic or Manual mode.

The SHA model is also supplied with integrated blow head and blow plate cleaning system to aid maintenance and keep the tooling clean . Cores are blown using Loramendi's Advanced Blow System.

 The SVA core making machine
The SVA model has been optimized for vertically parted tooling, with bottom mandrel and optionally top mandrel. Core boxes are constantly closed under high pressure with no movement during the cycle, resulting in dimensionally accurate cores with no fins. The integrated blow plate and blow head cleaning system is fast and easy to use, making sure that no sand is spilled inside the machine. Cores are blown using Loramendi's Advanced Blow System.
The SVA model offers a flexible core unloading system. It can use a belt, a tray or a manipulator for this purpose. 
 Core box change
Production change is key to production efficiency. Through years of research, Loramendi has devised several methods to reduce the time required to change the tooling as well as simplifying the operation.
 Core box fast changing shuttle
A dual-station transfer car at the back of the machine facilitates the quick change. The new tooling is pre-staged in the 1st station during normal production. The used core box, including blow and gassing plates, is moved into the open  2nd station, the transfer car indexes, allowing the new tooling to transfer into the machine.
 Corebox change Manipulator

A especially purpose-built manipulator at the back of the machine takes the used core box from the machine to a storage station. Then, it takes the new tooling from a second storage station to the machine. This manipulator can also open the corebox for inspection or cleaning of the core box.


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